Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maybe I'm Crazy

Uh-oh. What's this?
I must be mad to start this right before my busy season starts. Mad!

"Hells bells, Molls, how long do they expect us to wait?"

"Just be patient, my pet. Being antsy never got anyone anywhere." Molls was a matronly sort, with neatly cropped white hair and a generous smile. She turned her dark eyes on her companion, a rather excitable young woman. Jukka was long and lean, with a tangle of red hair. Molls had no idea where the girl had come from, but she had a look of wild and far off places about her.

Jukka fidgeted some more, and then plopped herself down on the deck of their modest boat. Molls made a tutting sound and then returned her attention to the road. It was a small road that was seldom used and often forgotten, perfect for her and her clients.

The faint glow of headlights in the distance caught her eye. "Get up Jukka. We've got company. Do you think you can keep your trap shut this time?" Molls gave her companion a quick, sharp glance.

A sleek car came to a steady stop on the grassy shore. A figure unfolded itself from the driver's seat and stood in the shadows just behind the headlamps. This wasn't Molls usual contact and she rested her hand on the small pistol hidden beside her.

"Are you Molls?" came a strong and masculine voice.

"That's me. But you're not my usual guy, and I don't much like folks who hide in the shadows."

"Forgive me for being cautious." The tall figure stepped forward and beamed a winning smile. "After the other night's incidents, Rudy thought he should send someone with a little more tact. They call me Ginger Mickey. Now, how about we settle this little dispute?"

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