Thursday, January 12, 2012

90's Nostalgia

There must be something about winter time that makes me nostalgic. Last week I was (and still am!) all about some Lisa Frank. Since then I've watched Pearl Jam Twenty and have listened to Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" in what might be considered an inappropriate amount of times. (I apologize in advance, for I do worship at the throne of His Royal Highness Eddie Vedder.) (It's the cheekbones.)

(No, really. I love me some cheekbones.)

In the words of Tom Hiddleston: "Proof? PUDDING!"

And to further illustrate Eddie Vedder's cool status, here's what is probably my favorite interview with him.

Is anyone else out there using these dark winter months to look back and reflect? Either on the '90's or otherwise? And, like me, or you wondering just how much plaid you've worn recently? (Me: Two days in a row. Boo-yeah!) ;)

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