Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things I love/Good Eats/This Week In Photos

This Week In Photos: (L-R) New purse brought into the store,
Scully Cat suns himself, sewing with The Bear, Carrot Ginger Miso Soup
and Whiskey Ginger drinks, Baked Egg, Super Salad with rainbow carrots 
and homemade garlic croutons, homemade blueberry pancakes 
and a lovely lazy day
This week there were so many things to love. Actually, each week there are so many things to love but sometimes I just don't take the time to look because I'm too worried about something or because one of the various "Femotion" triggers has started me crying. This past week I took the time to notice and I'm continuing the trend of "Things I Love [This Day]" and posting mine... As a photo collage!

 What are the little things that made you smile this week? Are there things that happen every week that help you remember there are good things in life despite the crap that is all around you on an hourly basis.

My things I love list has a lot to do with food. Which brings me to a question: What are some of your favorite things to cook and then eat? This can be an extravagant three course dinner a simple egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. I have some favorite things I like to make and eat and cook for my other. This past week I made some simply extravagant things: Baked Egg with Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms; Fresh cut potatoes baked with chili powder and rosemary with homemade sesame oil and teriyaki vinegar dip.

What are your favorite "For One" simple recipes and what are your favorite "I'm Going To Wine and Dine You" recipes. My favorite Breakfast Sandwich to Make: Toast with melted cheese on one side, mayo on the other. Fried Egg and tomato in the middle. Salt Pepper and Fresh Dill all over. These recipes don't have to be fancy. I tried to make things with the things I had in the apartment. My aunt's favorite go-to dinner for one is: Canned tuna (drained) with sliced sharp white cheddar cheese on top. Stick the whole can in the toaster oven and let the cheese get all bubbly and golden on top. Let me tell you, she made this for me, and it's now on my list of "Favorite Things to eat when I'm by myself."

Also This:

Scully is a poof ball. He likes to sun his belly.

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