Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Be or Not To Be Yourself

First: I cannot get over making playlists with the number of songs matching the date number. Here, I’ve made three playlists for you. You can check them out after the cut. 

Second: New Year’s Resolutions. How many of you have stuck to 'em? I know it’s only the middle/endish of January… but... I haven’t followed any of mine. I almost got upset that I hadn’t started any of my resolutions, but I got to thinking (based on some thoughtful conversations with The Bear and a great email convo with my pal Gin). I wondered how many of our resolutions are to change something about ourselves because this “thing” we are changing is not like other people or we take into account other people in general when making changes/resolutions. A friend of mine once said, “The older I get the less I give a S*%&”. In that same conversation I was told, “The things that you think make you awkward or weird are exactly the things that make you, you.”  Both comments are things I think we forget sometimes. I know I do.

Third: Younger Selves VS Older Selves. Sometimes I wonder what my younger self would think of myself now. How much have I changed, how much have I stayed the same, and would my younger self want to be my older self’s friend? Also I wonder why I’ve stopped doing some of the things that I did when I was younger that are simply Magic. You know: coloring outside the lines, making skies a different color, having picnics and tea parties, playing and exploring in the mud and woods, and gathering treasures (like dirty string and dead bugs).

Fourth: All of these things came together for me in this way: I’m redoing my “resolutions”.  They won’t be goals to have completed by the end of this year but a sort of resolution to have “Things I Love” each day, a decision to be “Young At Heart”, and to “Play In Life”, to do, eat, and read thing that I like even if someone else does not. I’m challenging myself to be more myself without worrying about what other people think.

Challenge: Be more yourself. OK, so you may be thinking, “This girl is nuts. I’m always myself.” And you may be right (except for the nuts part. The nuts part is just me being me. AH HA!) But there may be some of you who are thinking, “Wow, I really have let all this adult-stress get in the way of me being me!” In that case, I challenge you to do one small thing each day this week that is you. When you were younger did you dress up like an aviator or Ninja Turtle and fly an invisible plane or fight an invisible Bebop in the front lawn? Did you have tea parties? Did you ride your bike to your neighbor’s house and write ridiculous stories about girls with super powers, startlingly similar to those girls in Sailor Moon? Did you stick stickers on your guitar case before trying by ear to play “Today”? Did you make collages of all your favorite things? Well, you should try doing all of these things again, but in your own adult self way. Host a movie party and invite two or three friends to dress up like the ninja turtles and watch the live action TMNT movie (the first one). Have a tea party with coffee and your friend, let yourself write the most ridiculous story you can think (you don’t have to show it to anyone, or you can write it for someone). Bring out that guitar and play or cut up some old magazines and make a collage or card for someone. Do something that you loved when you were younger and happen to still love.

What is something that you loved to do when you were younger but haven’t done since you’ve been an “adult”? What do you want to do this week?

And now for something completely different:

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