Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kitchen Magic

Q:What can you make
with left over veggies?
OK. I really wanted to expand that last "Things I love" post about food into something more substantial. I wanted to post about the simple things we cook when there isn't anything in the fridge except left overs. I wanted to ask about the simple things you bake when there isn't anything in the pantry except flour, sugar, and some baking powder. I wanted to write about the simple Magic We Make in the Kitchen when there doesn't seem to be any Magic at all.

A: Veggie Wontons!
I've been really into food bloggers lately. I've been smitten with this blog especially. I love looking up recipes and making something wonderful out of the bare minimum of ingredients. The less ingredients required or more ingredients I actually have in my reach that are required the better. I love the Magic one can make from the simplest things. Flour, sugar, water, and a little hot oil... funnel cakes, anyone? Don't know what I'm talking about? When was the last time you woke up an hour later than usual on a lazy Saturday morning and decided to make a breakfast for you and your loved ones? Is Pancakes a special Sunday morning tradition?

What I'm getting at is this: When do we take the time to make some Simple Magic? It's not that far away. Simple Magic is as close as the kitchen. But, when do we take the time and breathe and relax and make something that we usually don't make (a stack of blue berry pancakes, Nutella filled crepes, cheese and sausage biscuits, lavender and earl grey scones)? Do we keep ourselves busy, filling ourselves with cheep and easy and quick things to eat because they are just that? Don't get me wrong, I love me some Ramen. But, why don't we let ourselves indulge in simple kitchen Magic as much as we could?

Lazy Saturday Blueberry Pancakes!
My challenge for you, Spatulans, is this: Make something for yourself this week that you normally wouldn't make. Make something you either haven't had the time, the ingredients, or the will power to make or because the next episode of Alias is on and you'd rather watch that. Clear that schedule, buy those ingredients (or find a new yummy recipe that requires things you already have) and get to making some delicious Magic for you or someone special. Simple Magic is only 15 minutes at 350 degrees away.

Also This: It's a playlist of 16 songs for the 16th. The only thing is... I posted on the 15th thinking it was the 16th. So wait until Monday to play this. Or, you can play this while you are baking up some Magic this week.


  1. One of the things I really miss making is made -from - scratch chicken pies. I haven't made it in a while because, honestly, I hate handling raw chicken.
    But now I really want to make it to see if I still can, and because om nom chicken pies! I'm definitely doing this come Friday.

  2. om nom chicken pies is right! my mom makes a mean chicken pie. and a mean vegetarian chicken pie (paradox much?) I haven't tried to make it ever. maybe I should :)

  3. Oo, chicken pot pie is one of my favorite things on the planet!

    One dish that I love to make on the fly is a deep dish, crustless quiche. It's basically milk, eggs, cheese, and whatever vegetables you have on hand! I love adding onion and garlic in mine. I think broccoli works the best, but peas aren't bad either. There's a ton of recipes for them online too. I just used a basic one and mm, mm, delish!

    Simple, but tasty. Magically delicious! ;)