Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Free For All

It should come as no surprise that I'm a fan of the "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" trilogy by Laini Taylor. Everything from the characters to the world building to the crazy awesome writing keeps me in a trance. So when I heard that a movie adaptation was in the works? Well, I got myself busy. Busy fancasting. 

What is fancasting? It's where weirdos, i.e. fans, troll their imaginations finding the perfect cast for a movie or tv show. Not that I am in the least bit biased, but I happen to think I've done a pretty good job. My brother and sister-in-law have heard me drone on and on about this for a while now. Now I will burden all of your lovely brain meats with my obsession. ;) Enjoy! 

Zuzana:: Ksenia Solo
 Reasoning: Played Kenzi on the show "Lost Girl", has a background in dance, and is freaking adorable. 

Mik:: Ben Wishaw
Reasoning: Uhm, he's also adorable? I have no logic behind this choice. Because reasons.

Brimstone:: Cle Bennett
 Reasoning: Played The Ash in "Lost Girl", terribly wonderful husky voice. 

Twigga:: Tom Hiddleston
Reasoning: Because if I can't have Tom Hiddleston in glasses and being cute, then what can I have?

Issa:: Kate Winslet
Reasoning: Issa is described as having a "madonna face", and well, that's Kate isn't it? Beautiful. Classic. Timeless. And a damn fine actress. I think she could really pull of the maternal and also the slightly menacing.

Thiago:: Kris Holden-Reid
 Reasoning: Already played a Celtic werewolf in "Lost Girl", so why not play a hot-to-trot, evil beasty boy again?

Akiva:: Richard Armitage
Reasoning: What's better than Richard Armitage playing a Seraphim? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.

Karou:: Katheryn Winnick
Reasoning: She looks young enough to play the part, has a background in martial arts, can pull off blue hair, and uhm, yeah. Good enough for me!

The hardest part? Finding someone to play Karou. In my mind anyway, this was a tough hurdle, but I think I may have found a contender. What do you think? 

Are you a fan of the book? Who would you have cast?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things i Love Thursday: The Nana Edition

It's been a tough week here at Fantastic Spatula HQ. My awesome Nana was officially admitted to hospice on Tuesday. So in place of the usual Things i Love Thursday, we're having a Things i Love About Nana Day.

My beautiful Nana Lady

Revlon Red Lipstick
Giving me my first driving lesson

Dress-up birthday parties
Laughing at me the first time she heard me swear (She was so proud!)
Cheesy eggs and pigs in a blanket
Letting me paint in her basement. And on the basement walls. And the ceiling...
The Skittle Drawer
Our mutual love of all things Madeleine L'engle
How she always sang "Every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man!" Just that one line. Over and over.
Her love of laughter
She loved any excuse to throw a party: An open house every Christmas, a tail gate every 4th of July, ...
Her dirty jokes (Sometimes a little too dirty, but hey, that's Nana)

Teaching me how to play solitaire. And how to cheat at it
Knowing the value of a good hot dog 
How anytime is coffee time
That one time she called the preacher a "jackass"
♥  Being a real, live "Golden Girl"