Thursday, May 24, 2012

TiLT(ing) with S.Kemp

Moms and Sisters

photo credit Grace "Mamma" Kemp
Dads and Brothers

Silly Cats in Bags

Getting phone calls from my sister and mom and dad and getting a photo sent to my phone from my brother <3 Watching Scully cat climb into a brown paper bag and curl up <3 showing photos to The Bear while drinking vanilla orange tea <3 Drawing silly photos on post-it notes <3 making lists <3 finding love notes <3 less than 3 looks like... an ice cream cone? a bird beak? <3 getting ingredients to make homemade ice cream <3 finding "And The Story is Happening" by Sabrina Ward Harrison in a book/gift store in Missoula, MT <3 Charlotte Moore and Allan Maule made this <3 Carteret Community Theater in Morehead City, North Carolina (word to my home town!) performs "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" <3 I Lock My Door Upon Myself by Joyce Carol Oates <3 Poached eggs on cheese rice <3

 Also... A Fabric Sale in an underground thrift store next to two old gentlemen playing pool.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday: Tinkerbell Brand Cosmetics

Does anyone else remember Tinkerbell brand makeup? One of the women on the cleaning crew at work was wearing some perfume that yoinked me all the way back into the 80's, (who needs a Daloreon, amiright?), and to the Tinkerbell perfume I used to have. 

I didn't think to ask the lady what she was wearing. Considering the brand went out of business more than a decade ago, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Tinkerbell. 

This drove me into a frenzy. Ever have one of those frenzied Google searches that somehow comes up empty handed? 

Oddly enough I've had the most luck on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's discussion forum. I'll be trying out some of their potions to see how they compare. ;) 

How about you guys? What scents take you back? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time Out Tuesday With Lucy

Have some links and pretty things to help you through the week! 

& Rock and Roll Bride talks about Self-Confidence.
& In a similar vein, here's Joy Junkie's list of boosting your Self-Love.
& After reading Imagine by Jonah Lehrer I can tell you that the man knows a thing or two about Creativity. Have a look for yourself by reading this interview he did with Barnes & Noble.
& Why the words Suffering and Artist don't belong in the same sentence.
& Gala Darling isn't Sorry, and neither should you be.
& Damn good writing advice from Dear Sugar 
& Kate Beaton's Mother's Day comic will make you seriously happy. Especially if you've ever been let down by a hero in your field. Or just have really cool parents.

Have a good one!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Meter Monday: Minchin Edition

Hello. It's been a while, huh? Sorry about that; I've got no excuse. I've just been out of it for a while. But a rejuvenating weekend has put me back on course. I figured I'd ease back into posting by taking advantage of Meter Monday and showcasing one of my favorite poets, the wonder of Tim Minchin.

Yes. I know. I've featured him before, and with good reason. This man is a wordsmith of true greatness. And he is funny to boot, truly talented. Not only is he a brilliant pianist and song writer, but his beat poetry is remarkable.

(Now, I feel I need to issue another disclaimer. Tim Minchin is not for the faint of heart. He likes profanity, but he uses it well. He is also not for those of the closed minded persuassion or those whose own view points bruise easily. So, you've been warned.)

Here are my favorite bits of Tim's poetry; absurdly funny, ridiculously apt, and irreverantly perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Minchin!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I Love Thursday in Photos

Sisters!   People Watching   Aunts With Story Book Hair   Sleepy Dogs   Little Streets   Sleepy Cats   Meeting New People   Wine Cellars   Dimly Lit Stairways   Wine  Making Things By Hand   Artichokes

Also: Zoh My Gawd! Cookies! (Note: If you have a fear of seeing the word vagina in print, get over it and read this blog. If you can't get over it then don't read this blog. If you like witty, crude, sometimes obscene humor click that link, Baby Cakes.) Stephanie Karampelas is a sweet, honest, lady blogger. Read her here.