Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I Love Thursday in Photos

Sisters!   People Watching   Aunts With Story Book Hair   Sleepy Dogs   Little Streets   Sleepy Cats   Meeting New People   Wine Cellars   Dimly Lit Stairways   Wine  Making Things By Hand   Artichokes

Also: Zoh My Gawd! Cookies! (Note: If you have a fear of seeing the word vagina in print, get over it and read this blog. If you can't get over it then don't read this blog. If you like witty, crude, sometimes obscene humor click that link, Baby Cakes.) Stephanie Karampelas is a sweet, honest, lady blogger. Read her here.  


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! Also, I think its really great you shared other blogs. c:

  2. Love your pictures of Italy. The one with the street and little yellow car doesn't seem real. It looks like a toy car. Such great COLORS!!!!! Beautiful.