Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday: Tinkerbell Brand Cosmetics

Does anyone else remember Tinkerbell brand makeup? One of the women on the cleaning crew at work was wearing some perfume that yoinked me all the way back into the 80's, (who needs a Daloreon, amiright?), and to the Tinkerbell perfume I used to have. 

I didn't think to ask the lady what she was wearing. Considering the brand went out of business more than a decade ago, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Tinkerbell. 

This drove me into a frenzy. Ever have one of those frenzied Google searches that somehow comes up empty handed? 

Oddly enough I've had the most luck on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's discussion forum. I'll be trying out some of their potions to see how they compare. ;) 

How about you guys? What scents take you back? 


  1. I need a Daloreon...

    Scents that take me back: Honeysuckle and wet moss/cement takes me to my grandma's house in S.C. and I'm playing in the sprinkler on the top of the hill in the back yard during a hellahot summer day in my pink bathing suit with (I think) cookie monster on it.

    Boat diesel fuel takes me back to family camping trips on a small wooden sail boat that creaked and moaned at the littlest of waves and the ropes ting ting tinged on the mast at night and the stars winked at us their constellations.

  2. Honeysuckle and wet moss take me back not takes... cause I'm good at catching errors after their already posted. Woot.

  3. Ooo, Honeysuckle is my favorite scent by far! I am going to look for some of that on BPAL next. :)

    I like your scent memories. They are very Skemp. And I like that. :)