Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Movie Magic

I don't ask much from my movies. A few explosions, some gun fights, a couple of beefcakes; my tastes are simple. I tend to like movies that are larger than life and in no way, shape, or form realistic.

Imagine my surprise then, when I discovered that my newest favorite movie is a quiet little film that mixes a little bit of real life with a whole lot of weird time travel and jazz.

It's odd that I should have mentioned Woody Allen last week, because this movie is his latest, "Midnight in Paris." Before you roll your eyes, though, let me tell you this is nowhere near as zany as his usual stuff. There are no giant souffles, no random musicals, and no raunchy material.

There is only one word for this movie: charming. From Owen Wilson's naivete, to the magical city of Paris, and the soundtrack; everything about this movie just makes you feel charmed. And when the movie was over I felt like I could really believe in it, that it was entirely possible to walk around Paris at midnight and suddenly find yourself transported to another age, another era.

It's also easy to relate to the main character, a writer searching for his best story and who longs to live in a different time; he's a romantic.

I don't usually gush about movies, but this one is something special, and I'd say it is Woody Allen's best. Do yourselves a favor; rent this movie and be prepared to fall in love. And if my glowing report isn't enough to convince you, just listen to the opening music: très charmant!

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