Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things I Love, again

Let me tell you, internet, I don't think I've ever been so tired after doing nothing. I had the day off yesterday and I celebrated by sitting on the sofa, in my pajamas, playing games. Oh yeah, the sweet life.

I'm taking the easy route again this post by doing another Things I Love, New Year's style.

  • Finally feeling confident enough to flirt a little.
  • A day of care-free shopping with Miss Lucy; perfect weather, a great bookstore, and nice scenery. (Am I right, Miss Lucy?)
  • Staying in by myself for New Year's Eve and not feeling lonely or sad.
  • Eating a lucky meal of pork chops, greens, and black-eyed peas with my parents by the pond on a simply beautiful New Year's day.
  • Finishing The Hobbit. Thorin, honey, I'm sorry I called you an @$$ (but you totally were).
  • Doing some very early spring cleaning; who knew clearing out old clothes could be so therapeutic.
  • A lazy day spent playing my favorite game. Poor Miss Lucy has already had to put up with me rabbiting on about my latest character.
  • Having a neighbor who doesn't actually live in the building.
And now it is time for tea, and killing balverines. :D


  1. i love tea and brownies and all these things that you love. happy new year, clara!

  2. I did quite enjoy the company & the scenery last week! North Carolina has some nice stuff to offer up in that regard! Mhm!

    And I don't mind hearing about your game characters; your "queen" really is fabulous.

    And oh god, brownies...NOM.