Thursday, February 2, 2012

View From the Porch

The sun was setting on one side of the door just as it was rising on the other. With a long exhale of smoke a long, lanky gentleman lazily watched the colors in the sky change from his rocker on the porch. His feet propped up on the railing, he put out his cigar in the remains of some thistle tea.

Just as he was finishing he thought, a tussle of hair and feet came falling out the front door.

"Sleep soundly, Seamus?" Merle's whiskers turned upward in delight.
"Soundly? SOUNDLY?" Seamus ran his nimble fingers through the dark curls as he plopped himself down in the rocking chair beside his new mentor. "I couldn't sleep for all the banging around you were doing in there. How long was I out?"

The older man couldn't help but chuckle. "That was breakfast, youngin'. You also missed lunch. I guess if you ask nicely I'll make some supper." With that he left Seamus on the porch and took his tea cup with him. "By the way," he called over his shoulder, "You were out for a whole day. Smartass." The screen door slammed for good measure.

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