Sunday, February 5, 2012

Something New

I don't like being cold. Once I get cold it's not easy to get warm again. If the world should end in fire or ice... I'll take the fire.

Therefore, I up and move to Montana where the world is snow and ice six months out of the year, give or take a few months. Why? Because, well, why not? There are some pretty big reasons behind moving here of course, but one of the seemingly smaller reasons is that I wanted to try something new. Which, actually, is pretty big seeing how I'd rather be swimming in a sea of humidity in the sweltering North Carolina heat than lathering up my hands with lotion because the dry Montana cold has cracked up my finger knuckles.

 So, what do you do with something you're not inherently fond of? What do you do when faced with something new? What does a Spatulan do in the face of change? I take pictures. And drink lots of hot tea and make lots of hot chocolate and discover the most delicious chai tea mix and take walks and knit scarves and write silly stories and take writing workshops and watch entire seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and meet new people and make friends and go to Art shows and check out books and listen to local bands and find sweet coffee shops and do crafty things and do things alone and get to know myself outside of my comfort zone and away from my home and do things with someone I love and get to know them.

Spatulans! I want to know what you do when faced with something you don't think you'll enjoy doing. I'd like to know what things you have done that have tested or changed your daily routine. Do you go looking for things that are new and different and scary? Or do you let those things take you by surprise.

What will you do this week that scares the spatula out of you? What will be your something new?

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