Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pandas & Explanations

[I realized I left y'all hanging last week without some Seamus & Grampa Merle. So here's a preview of what's coming tomorrow! Enjoy!]

Seamus kept situated on the front porch until the sun finally set, and all his senses properly functioning. Making his way back into the house, he was greeted by the smell of sizzling bacon fat, pancake batter, and fresh made coffee.

"What's all this?" His mouth gaping open at the food that was spread out on the table before him.
"Dinner. Specifically breakfast for dinner. One of the best things in life, don't you reckon?" He smiled back at him and motioned for them to sit.

Somewhere between the bacon and the pancakes Merle decided to break into the subject he had been mulling over all day while Seamus slept. "So, Seamus." He started, making sure he had the boys full attention. "What exactly happened on the other side of the door?"
Seamus' eyes returned to his plate. He was chewing pensively before answering.
"Well. I met Magda, she's a cool old bitty. And then there was Percival, that big panda, that was wild! The whole thing was nuts. I was afraid I was dreaming."
"What made you think you weren't?" Merle refilled his coffee cup from the carafe sitting in between them.
"Something- something Madga said to me. She knew everything about me already, and there was something about her. When I was talking to her I kept getting the feeling that I already knew her from some other place. Trippy, I tell 'ya."
"Mm." Merle motioned with his cup for Seamus to continue.
"The best I can understand it, is that the Garden we were in is crazy magical. Right? There were all these other animals there, weird ones too. Not all of them could talk, at least not in English. Percival was the one that came up to me first. He invited me to sit with them at this huge round table."
"A round table meeting?" Merle's bushy eyebrows shot up. "That soon? Hm. Indeed. Keep going, please." Seamus wasn't sure what Merle was looking for, but he was too hyped up and curious to consider slowing down now.
"Alright, so all these crazy creatures and Magda start talking about this girl that's living with Magda. They don't really know what to do with her- apparently this girl just showed up out of the blue, right? Magda was going on and on about how she's done everything to keep this kid out of the Garden, but she just keeps sneaking in there and peaking around."
Merle was aware that Magda's one pupil had almost dropped out of the sky. There was no doubt in his mind that this little one would be integral in their plans, it was just a matter of figuring out what her purpose was.

Seamus kept on talking, getting more and more excited. "They all decided that the best thing was to for Mag's to bring her into the Garden next time and for them to 'name' her. Whatever that means. But anyway," Seamus scooted in and leaned forward conspiratorially, "I've been invited to the 'Naming Ceremony'." He was soon wearing Merle's coffee, as it was spewed halfway across the room.

"Holy hares, boy! You know what that means?" The young man stared back at him blankly.
"No, no of course you wouldn't. I'll put some more coffee on; explaining this is going to take all night."

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  1. Merle is caught off guard again. I like it.
    Moskeeto Jack