Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Silver Bells on the Silver Screen

Less than a week to go, gang, before the big day! I hope none of you are running around with the last minute panics. With all the shopping done, and all the food planned out maybe you can finally take some time to relax and watch some Christmas cheer. I try to watch at least one of these movies every year and they are my absolute favorite holiday films.

Meet Me in St. Louis
I know it isn't, strictly speaking, a Christmas flick, but there is something about Judy Garland in that beautiful red dress singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" that gets me every time.

Bernard and the Genie
I have no idea where my family found this movie, but it is delightful and, yes, it is a Christmas movie. It stars Alan Cumming and Lenyy Henry, with guest shots from Rowan Atkinson, Bob Geldoff, and the Mona Lisa.
(And sorry for the quality of the video, the movie is from '91 and the internet doesn't appear to like it.)

A Christmas Carol (1984)
 This is, without a doubt, my favorite Christmas movie, an dmaybe even my favorite of all time. What could be better than George C. Scott as Scrooge, David Warner as Bob Cratchit, and Edward Woodward as the Ghost of Christmas Present? Nothing, that's what.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. When was the last time you watched The Holiday? and have you ever seen The Good Witch's Gift?