Monday, December 26, 2011

I think that was more "nog" than "egg"....

Greetings, Spatulans!

I hope everyone had a fun, happy, fulfilling, and yummy Christmas!  Being your Monday blogger, I have the honor of giving you your first post-Christmas blog! Yay!  Also looks like I'll be giving you the first blog of 2012 too... no pressure on the new guy! *looks at Lucy*

My Christmas was an interesting one.  I was originally going to spend it with my family going out to dinner.  But my stepmother, being the wonderful woman she is, decided to cover some shifts for the weekend for a coworker who lost a child over the holidays last year.  THAT is some Christmas spirit!  I spent yesterday with some friends instead and had a fantastic time.  Met some new people, and enjoyed the company of those I already knew.  This week was mostly spent reflecting on the company of friends, and the wonderful people I am surrounded by.

So what did you guys get up to for this holiday season?  Any fun, interesting, and most importantly magical adventures?

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  1. First post for 2012? Nope! No pressure! It just has to be, you know, fantastic. That's all. Nothing stressful. At all. Ever. XD

    Troll Lucy is trolling.

    Actually, I'm sure you'll do fine. Why? Because it's you! Ergo, awesomeness ensues.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas even though it wasn't how you thought you'd be spending it. Good times, good times!

    I don't think I had too many adventures, per say. Unless you call riding with Libby through Lovers Leap on a 9% incline in horror-movie-set fog, then yeah. ;)