Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Hello, Spatulans!

We seem to be having a theme here this week on FS, and I intend to continue with it tonight.

Christmas means one thing and one thing only in the Casa de Wiggins: Cookies! (Okay, there may be a few more things that Christmas means to us, but by and large it means cookies.)

Usually there is a baking marathon that goes on for weeks at the home of Mama & Papa Wiggins. Mama Wiggins' personal record was 25 pounds of fudge in. one. month. Now most of that went as gifts to friends and family. What wasn't sneaked out by me or Pops that is.

Then there's the ginger snaps, the sugar cookies, the monster cookies, the toffee, the peppermint bark, and last but not least- the red velvet cakes. Yes, plural. As in many, many bottles of red food coloring and made-from-scratch cream cheese icing. (Oh yeah, baby. Come to Lucy!)

This year I'm joining in on the fun. Most years I assist Mumsy Wiggins by licking the spatulas. (No, no, not  the fellow blog writers- the actual spatulas.) But this year I'll be making my own cookies- and they are none other than Paula Deen's Ooey Gooey Chocolate Butter Cookies. (I know, if it's Paula Deen, there's got to be the word 'butter' somewhere in the title. Fine by me!) The recipe can be found here: *clicky, clicky!* But to make my cookies a little more festive, I'll be adding some peppermint extract in along with it.

Happy baking! What are some of your favorite holiday recipes? 
Stop drooling on your keyboard. Stop! I see you! You're going to short circuit something!


  1. Family, friends, and food....good things!

  2. Ooops there goes the shift key.
    For me what I can snatch from the goodie plate,is all good.

    Moskeeto Jack.

  3. Licking is always allowed!
    Unless you know, it's not consensual.
    (Thankfully the things I lick need not consent. ;) )