Friday, December 30, 2011

How To Do Alone: Feel Better

Liquids and Biscuits 
Let's pretend that you had a lot of fun during Christmas but also worked every day this past week and all of a sudden you wake up one morning and you feel... sweaty, phlegmy, run down. And you can't taste anything.

Yep. It's happened. You, my dear Spatulan, are under the weather. Well, let's also pretend that I am feeling the same way. (Which, I am. No pretending here.) But just to keep it interesting, let's pretend that you are still able to go to work. You just feel crappy. You don't really have a fever and your snot isn't bright green or yellow. You're probably just "breathing warm air out of [your runny] nose" and you don't have any nasal spray. This post is how to make your self feel a little bit better if you're feeling plum wore out after the holiday chaos festivities.

What You Need:
Rest. Take a nap during the day if you can manage it. Go to bed early if you can't.
Liquids. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!
Comfortable clothing. If you can go to work in your PJs and not get called out: awesome.
A scarf. I really like my neck warm when I don't feel well.
Healthy things to eat. I know, I know. But comfort food can be healthy too. You do need to eat something.
Something Soft. A cozy blanket, that giant sweatshirt you love, or your favorite stuffed animal.
Green Smoothie. Cause they taste so good and are so good for you. (I'll give you my variations)
Ginger lemon tea. A friend gave me this recipe and I love how it's Spicy, Tangy, Sweet! Almost like a TLC album!
Vitamins. Yeah, well. You knew this was coming.
Face Tissues. By the truck load. And make sure they are soft so you don't chap up your nostrils.
Hand lotion, Chapstick, a good book, a good movie, some knitting. Just... you need this stuff.
Dark chocolate. Because it's a cure-all. And it is so too a healthy food. So there. *pout*

Comfy Hoodie, with ears.
What To Do:

Take it easy there, mate. Don't try to run a marathon even if you're training for one. Go slow and drink lots of fluids. You know, just remember what your mom told you when you were sick when you were little. Do you hear her voice? OK. Good. Now, take something for the fever, drink lots of fluids. Oh, and also... know when to go to the doctor. If none of your home remedies are working and you still feel like the underbelly of a muddy ... I don't know... a Skeksis... make a doctor's appointment to get that snot straightened out. It could be a sinus infection, yo.

What I Did:
Green+Red=Brown Smoothie
I drank lots of ginger lemon tea. (2 lemons 1 ginger root. Slice up both and put in a pot with water. Boil water and pour into mug. Add honey to drink.) I made some green smoothies cause they are packed with good things for your body. (Banana and water, or rice milk, and frozen spinach, or fresh kale, and then some sort of berry or other fruit. I used strawberries in one, apple in another, and peach in a third. Blend it all up until smoothie or, if your blender is tiny like mine, blend everything one-at-a-time, adding each thing then blending. I added three dates and shakes of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and vanilla extract. And a teaspoon of chia seeds. Cause... they get all gelatinous when you let them sit in the smoothie and it's cool. And I like the word gelatinous.) I took a personal medley of pills that also helped. Stuff for headaches and fevers and mucus and such. Also I cuddled with Coconut my stuffed cat from childhood and Scully a real cat who is like an obnoxious,cuddly teenager and The Bear who is now on the pill medley.

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  1. I'm sorry you were feeling all heavy in the face and other sorts of sickliness! You are feeling better, I hope?!

    I always liked ginger ale when I was sick. Ginger ale out of a sippy-cup. It'll cure what ails yeah!

    And I usually stock up on movies or a season of a tv show to watch. Pretty much how I caught up on "Bones" a few years ago. :)