Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To Do Alone: Holiday Edition

"Christmas" and "Alone" are two words you typically don't hear in the same sentence. Usually "Christmas" is accompanied by words like "family" and "in-laws" and "relatives". Well, lets say you just moved somewhere away from all of those words and you're spending you're first Christmas without "family" and "relatives".

There are actually a lot of things to do at Christmas alone. Also, it's a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle the season has come to bring. But here is my problem. There are only a few days in the Christmas season and only a few times I post. So, I need you're help. I'm going to try this "You Choose the Adventure" thing again. So, Spatulas, you choose what the HTDA: Holiday Edition will be.

1. Shopping. Alone. At Christmas.
2. Making Holiday Cards/Cookies
3. Going to a Christmas Party.
4. Picking out the Christmas Tree.
5. Caroling. Alone. HAHA! No. This really isn't an option. Because that would be creepy.

Choose, Spatulans, by Saturday (That's December 10th). That way I can actually do this before December is over and you, should you find yourself alone during Christmas Season, can be prepared. Cheers!


  1. I know this might sound lame, but it isn’t the first time I will end up saying something lame. I live away from my family and a few years I spent Christmas alone before I had a tradition with my single friends at Christmastime. I like to DVR all of my favorite childhood Christmas specials and a few new ones (usually from the Hallmark Movie Channel) on my DISH Network HD DVR and spend the day watching one after the other while eating all of the things that make me feel at home like Chex Mix, pancakes and real maple syrup and turkey. There’s nothing like snuggling in and resting with a movie or show on my HD TV (which is ridiculously big.) Not to brag, but I really appreciate all of the HD channels I get with my employee DISH subscription because they are so crystal clear. Sometimes I cook for my friends on Christmas and I wish I was resting and watching TV until they all arrive and I remember that Christmas is good with them too.

  2. Well said gman. It's nice to know there are others who aren't afraid of the "aloneness" of being alone, especially during the holiday seasons. Thanks for this! While I don't have DVR I am planning on renting (or buying) all of my favorite holiday favorites. I think it will be nice to have some friends over too :)

  3. I think you should do choices #2 and #4 (making cookies/cards and picking out a tree). Mainly because those are the ones I want to do. :) Also, #5 made me laugh out loud. I pictured it and it was really cute and funny. If we lived closer, I'd surprise you by caroling alone outside your door. That would be fun. and I'd have cookies too and Home Alone 2 (because that's my favorite holiday movie SO FUNNY). i think you're going to have a very lovely cozy christmas.

  4. I seem to remember a kazoo version of "Happy Birthday" once up on a time. Perhaps you can go kazoo caroling? You won't have to sing! And that would be uber cheesecake of you! :)

    I agree with Christal; getting a tree would be awesome! I miss having real ones. (Ugh, snoz does not do well with pine.) But my fake tree is purtimus! And you can make the best cards!