Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday

Here's wishing a very Happy Birthday to a very special Lady!
The One and Only
Mama Wiggins!

Not many people are lucky enough to have someone they can count on, 
who will come running come hell or high water, 
who will make you soup when you have a fever, 
and make you laugh and snort coffee through your nose
by doing an impression of a coughing goat. 

I'm proud to say I have such a person in my life, 
and that I call her "Mom".

Love you!


  1. Supposedly this posted last night, on actual Wednesday, but then I find it didn't. BAH!
    SO, yes, it's Thursday. But who's counting? :)

  2. Of course she's your mamma! she looks just like you! And that long hair! I want to know more about the woman in the red dress with matching shoes about to light a cigarette behind your mom, though. :)

  3. Gee whiz! I didn't know that my sick billy goat cough was so realistic!!!
    The girl in those pictures looks familiar...the "shifting sands of time..." phrase is going thru my head!

    Hugs and love,