Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time Out Tuesday: Be A Man

Well now. Miss Lucy's revamp of the Fantastic Spatula format couldn't have come at a better time. At last, I have my Tuesdays back. That means a marathon of "Criminal Minds" that I have heretofore missed because I was busy writing my posts. And let me tell you, I have really missed Hotch's eyebrows. (what?)

But actually my Time Out this week has actually come from across the Pond. Yes, thanks to the miracle of Youtube I can watch shows from my most favorite of nations, Ye Olde England. More specifically, I get to watch my favorite men, or man, rather. Yes, my friends it is true. I have fallen in love again with TV's James May. (What?)

I knew this particular show existed, but had only been able to watch bits and pieces until now. Please, allow me to introduce you.

Ladies, are you tired of having a useless man lying around unable to perform the simplest of tasks? Say, build you your own foundry or defend your honor in a duel? Gents, is mowing the lawn too tiresome or remembering to restock the toilet paper too tedious? Fret no more good people, for James May has come to save you. Welcome, to Man Lab.

This show is definitely worth a look. James May is a master at being a proper bloke. He can even wire plugs, a skill that most modern (English) men can't perform. It is his mission to get men off the couches and back into the shed to reclaim the lost art of being a Man.

I've already wasted countless hours this week watching the man of my dreams, but it has been a happy time. I hope one day to meet a proper chap who can not only wire a plug, but also escape from a maximum security prison and make his ways across the moors and back to my side using only an ordinance map. (What?!)

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