Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time Out Tuesday!

& My favorite comedian, Robin Williams, will be receiving the very well-earned "Stand-Up Icon" award at this year's Comedy Awards! 

& I plan to make a batch of this adult version of Butterbeer this weekend. Who wants a glass?

& Danielle Laporte hits the nail on the head in her article: In Praise of Women.

& Neil Gaiman has a tumblr, and dispenses sporatic bits of wisdom and insight into writing and publishing. Here is an example of how amazing writers know how to kindly kick the arses of their grasshoppers.

&  Digital camera that makes Polaroids? WIN.


  1. Neil Gaiman also has a blog. That digital Polaroid looks pretty sweet. Also, let me know when you throw a party with that butterbeer. I'll drive from MT to have some with you.

    The link to In Praise of Women goes to butterbeer... because it's that good.

  2. I've read a little of Neil's blog, but for some unknown reason I prefer his tumblr. Hm.

    The butterbeer must be nice since I linked it twice! heh. (I'll, uhm, get to changing that then.)

  3. I love Neil Gaiman. Even more so since he married Amanda Palmer. BEST. COUPLE. EVER.

    Also, that camera looks pretty sweet! Don't tempt me, I own too many cameras as it is...

  4. Who doesn't love Neil Gaiman? I have yet to meet a soul that has one bad thing to say about him.

    And HELLZ YEAH, Neil and Amanda! Their marriage was the Squee Heard Round the World.

    (I own one too many cameras as well! I can't stop drooling over new ones! ;) )