Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time Out Tuesday with S.Kemp

What is up, Spatulans? So, I've started this word file of links and interesting interweb things I've come across and would like to share with you. So, take some Time Out this Tuesday to peruse these links if you so choose.

& I just can't get enough of food that's good for me and delicious at the same time and new recipes. Here are some food blogs that I've come across. My New Roots (try the Tower of Power and the Banana Bread Pancakes), anything with Nutella gets my attention (also this is a good place to find other food blogs), Brown Eyed Baker has a list of St. Patrick's day things to eat and she also helped create the 30 ways to make mac and cheese. Yes, Please. And Joy the Baker is just a joy! (I'm sure she's heard that before.)
Boom! The Next Gen! Photo Credit.

& I really enjoy photographs that are a tad bit creepy, or tilted, or skewed from the way we may be told to look at the world, or just down right pretty in its saturated-ness or fuzzy-ness. So, I've really enjoyed looking at Alison Scarpulla's Flickr photo stream.

& Also, I am a Sci-Fi fan. I don't know why I've only now begun to read Wil Wheaton's blog/twitter/stuff. But here is a pod cast of his.

& My friend Charlotte Moore has a new blog about copywriting called "The Irritable Vowel". She is crass and wonderful and I love that she has the balls to say the things us writerly types are sometimes too scared to say:

“'The Irritable Vowel' is not just a blog about writing. It’s about having the balls to write. It’s about the love of a craft that is too often abused by the likes of the careless and lazy. It’s about style, technique, and damn it, accountability." - Charlotte Moore

& And while we're on the topic of down-right coolness, here's how to grow some Moss Graffiti.That's right.

Photo Cred of Lepine Classic. Om Nom.
& Writing Utensil Porn. Don't open at work. Especially if your work doesn't pay you enough to afford one of these.

& While working at a unique vintage clothing store and costume rental I've been able to use my creative powers for good: window displays and photoshoots. I love looking through clothing blogs for inspiration.

& I also love fables, folk tales, and fairy tales and have recently been searching out new tales to inspire photoshoots and window displays.

& My friend sent me this web site link about design and places to live. Design sponge. But I'm sure you all have seen this web site.

& And we're going to end it with a six-legged giant walking-stick bug. Oh yeah, science and shit.

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