Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things SKemp Loves Thursday

Hey, Spatulans. It's that day of the week again. Thursday (read: one day after Wednesday). Which means it's time for the Spatula Writers to make their lists of gratitude... even if it's grudgingly. Thursday from now on is going to be dedicated to TiLT (read: Things I Love Thursday) lists. Share some of the things you've been grateful to have happen. We'd love to know. & now...

I Googled "Sugar Baby" and this pic
of baby sugar gliders appeared.They
are almost as cute as baby hedgehogs.
Crazy Scully cat chasing his food like it's alive & dinner cooked for me by my someone special just because they could & dressing up the mannequins in the shop so they are all wearing green & making photo booth style photos & Samuel R. Delany's About Writing: seven essays, four letters, and five interviews all About Writing & the bookstore owner next door, Garth, finding me The Art of Writing Advertising & blasting U2 and Bruce Springsteen over the speakers & making play lists & writing about ravens and meeting someone who actually studies ravens and has studied birds for 30 years (he gave me is email in order to answer any questions I had!) & breakfast-for-dinner parties

Sugar Baby cookbook.
I'm making these next. Om Nom.
& green lanterns... not the comic book super hero (although the green lanterns are pretty rock awesome) paper lanterns that are green in honor of St. Patrick & green peeps... dipped in chocolate... and potato chips dipped in chocolate & weather that doesn't require at least five layers of clothing to be worn in order to go outside & making sugar baby caramel hard candy & new pots for cooking popcorn ... and then making homemade kettle corn style popcorn & the episode of Dr. Who written by Neil Gaiman & Shamrock shaped cookies with green sprinkles made at the bakery across the street &

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  1. & lovely friends who make "the stack" dinner-for-breakfast (things I'm always thankful for).