Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time Out Tuesday

I played basket ball in high school. I also played ping pong, volley ball, and backgammon. Oh, yeah. Backgammon. I played backgammon in math class so that probably doesn't count as a sport. Ping Pong probably doesn't count either. I wasn't on a team. It was more of a "My school doesn't have established sports teams or P.E. classes, just yet, so let's ask this ping pong coach we know to teach P.E. class for a few weeks" thing. I still claim both. As far as sports go now... well, I'm more of a reader anyway.

Can you think of anything else more unflattering
on a high school S. Kemp? Four-eyes and pimples?
Not even close.
One thing about basket ball I remember, besides the unflattering, blue mesh, knee-length shorts we wore, was the coach calling a "time out". Time outs lasted roughly 60-20 seconds depending on something or another and were usually called strategically at the last minutes of a game. We were behind by two points and needed just three more to win, two more to tie the game. Or, we were ahead by three points and wanted to keep the other team from getting any more points. "Don't foul the other team!" translates roughly to "Don't slap the other girls". Time outs were called so the coach could quickly describe a strategy of getting the ball to one of the VIPs playing so they could get the last points. "Yeah, all right. Go get 'em Seahawks! Break!"

High school sports aside, calling a time out every now and then can be useful. In-office memos invading your Inbox giving you a headache? Call a time out, remember to breathe, take a walk, start over refreshed. Maybe burn some memos when you get home? Got some blue mesh shorts slinking up your legs while you walk? Time Out! Go change your pants. Got a case of the "It's Only Tuesday"? Take a "Time Out Tuesday" with the FS. Yeah, all right. Go get 'em Spatulans! Break!

& Coming Soon: "The Host". The newest movie based on "Twilight" series author Stephenie Meyer's other book. "OMG! I Can't Wait!" or "F*@% That Noise!" And... Discuss.

& Disapproval Glasses. When you're real eye brows just can't disapprove enough.

& This is a fun short video with Sam Daly and Nathan Fillion. Recovering super heros. Do you have a favorite comic book super hero?

Learn some new words with copywriter extraordinaire, Charlotte Moore, at The Irritable Vowel. 

& I love Science Fiction. Love. It. This is a really cool detailed graph called "The History of Science Fiction". Zoom in to find LOTR, Mr. Poe, Mr. Lovecraft, Mr. Gaiman, Harry Potter, and other recognizable and not-so-recognizable names.

& Ever dream of flying only to fall awake just before you really start soaring? Check out this video of Birdmen: The Original Dream of Flight.


  1. I love how you think, approach, and write about the concept of "time-outs"! It's something I hadn't even considered when I came up with the theme. I love how you just take something and run with it. It's awesome!

    And I remember those basketball shorts. Not fondly, but I do remember them. ;)