Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time Out Tuesday

Adam "Foxy" Levine. Totes not his nickname, but it should be.

How's it going out there? Y'all having yourselves a good week so far? My Tuesday's looking a little lackluster- but at least there's nifty things on the interwebs! Here, let me show you-

& Let's start this off properly with an article about the talented Mr. Levine. (Phwar!)

& I betcha there's at least one of these 5 Gender Stereotypes that you'd never heard of before. Neat, huh?

& Feeling a little stuck and need to know where to start? Anne Lamott has a few things to say on the subject.

& Strikingly beautiful pictures of New York City when it does, actually, sleep.

& Fiction writers using crazy grammar? Really? Who knew? Grammar Girl, that's who.

& How to stop buying into the BS and how sometimes no choice is the best choice.

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