Thursday, April 12, 2012

Salute Your Shorts Saturday

Rick Bass and Stellarondo in Missoula MT

The sound of a whispering sawblade soared quietly through the University Theatre as Stellaronda performed their self-proclaimed "crazy idea" an Evening of Songs and Scored Stories with Rick Bass. Funny thing was, at the end of the show, there wasn't anything crazy about it. It was the most natural thing to have happened, it was perfect.

Rick Bass softly accented the musical performance with his endearing, and vivid stories. Each contained the fantastical; a roadtrip owl, a surreal fire and vision, a sexy canoe romance and a bear that comes to dinner. He made us believe these often hilarious, often sad tales as if they'd happened right here in Missoula. Each ended too soon, but also at just the right moment.

The lyricism of both parties astounded me--Bass's scenes, clear and tactile; Caroline's words so true you thought you had known them along even if though this was my first time hearing them-- all this set to stirring steel guitar, playful bass, deep cello and that mystical, haughting sawblade.

It's somewhat cliché to say a band plays to your heart. Stellarondo and Rick Bass did not only that, they played to our humanity. Every part, from before birth to falling in and out of llove and finally death. They covered the entire range of the human experience like pros, like it was their intention all along. It couldn't have been any different. It was perfect. Except, you know that it will only just get better and better.

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