Thursday, April 19, 2012

TILT: Finally

This is short and sweet, because I am still trying to recapture my sanity after it escaped last week. Here are my things I love for this gray Thursday.

  • Finally being through with tax season. Never again! (And you can quote me on that.)

  • Finally having the time and energy to get back to my reading list. Currently on tap "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" by John le Carrè. I'm only a little ways in, but so far it is excellent.

  • Finally, my birthday! As quickly as the year has gone by so far, it seemed like my well earned day of celebration would never get here. A quiet day spent with my family, my cats, and my pink cake.

  • Finally, having a release date for Diablo III; am I right, fellow warriors?

  • And, most importantly, FINALLY being able to post again! I missed posting, but I really was in no shape mentally to be writing anything. Really, it was hard enough to just get up and move around, much less think coherently. But now I will be able to dedicate more time to writing, daydreaming, and making magic.

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