Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Soundtrack For the Spatula

When I was younger I didn't understand the difference between Movie Soundtrack and Film Score. Both relate to music, right? So, why two separate things? Now, I take "Soundtrack" to mean "Individual Songs With or Without Lyrics for Different Scenes" and "Score" to mean "The Background". You can Google or Wikipedia or Library-It-Up for a legit difference.

But what about for life, can you have a life/day soundtrack or score? I think so. Sometimes a particular song pops into my head during a particular part of my day. I'm not talking about a song that gets stuck in my head and plays ad nauseam through out. I mean a particular song for a particular event. When I'm driving, puffs of white cloud suspended in bright blue sky, sun warming the left arm hanging out of the driver side car window, the song "Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins plays in my head as loud as if it were coming from factory issue speakers. Other times, when I'm in a certain kind of mood, a feeling theme if you will, songs seem discordant with my body. Those are the times when only a specific type of music, no lyrics, no words, just a steady background to my day, will do.

How about for the Fantastic Spatula, is there a theme music you would play for someone reading the blog? Do you listen to a particular song or band when reading particular FS writers? Do you associate songs with the blog?

If you gave Fantastic Spatula a soundtrack what songs would you include? If you created a "Fantastic Spatula Blog Score" would it sound playful and whimsical or airy and steady? If I were to create a Blog Score for the FS I would use non-traditional instruments. I would use squeaking rubber ducks, shivering saws, buzzing blenders, a clanging metal rhythm from trash can lids, combs with paper to vibrate a tune, and marbles in metal bowls (because I'm a fan of Sxip Shiery). If I were to choose 22 songs for a Sunday 22 April 2012 Spatula Soundtrack these are the songs I would pick:

22 Songs by Shannon on Grooveshark

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