Thursday, January 27, 2011

Common Cures for Grumpy Gills

It has been one of those weeks.

My car window broke down. I fixed it with duct tape and cling wrap.
My body (tried) to break down. I fixed it with Nyquil and hot cider.
My brain has been in a fog for an entire month. But I'm kind of used to that by now. ;)

Needless to say, January has put us all in a funk. People's tempers are short, To-Do lists are not, and if someone says the word 'recession' one. more. time... WHY I OUGHTA!

...But fear not. Funks don't last. Creative juices will restore themselves. People will regain their patience. We will all look back and laugh.

Because seriously folks, isn't it funny that the gear that operates the back passenger window in my car decided to break right before a big rainstorm? I hope the sight of frizzy haired whimsy frantically taping up her car door amused someone. ;)

Just in case this month has you seeing red/ going nutters from cabin fever/ strangling your muse, I recommend you find something to cheer you up. Step back from the manuscript, hold off on artwork, tell your editor to take a hike and find something else to do.

Here are a few things that help keep me in good humor:

- Going out to lunch with Clara. The highlight of my week is spent with the BFF over a never ending bowl of salsa. We laugh, we groan, but mostly we laugh. Mostly.

- Singing far too loudly in the car/shower/grocery store. Yes, I know that song died in the '80's, but really? Who can resist singing along to Rick Astley? Also, a shout out to Glee for having the most upbeat soundtrack in the world.

- Watching stupid videos on YouTube. Come on, you know you love it.

- Bouncing between projects. If I'm waiting for a painting to dry I go out and take photographs. If the weather is too nasty to be outside with a camera I drink a pot of coffee through a crazy straw while pouring my heart out in my journal. When I have nothing left to write about I go back to painting. You get the idea.

- Bake. Cook. Clean. Something to keep me from sitting in front of the computer and having facebook suck out my soul.

Should any of these things not work there's everyone's favorite blue fish with a word of advice:


  1. How could one be grumpy after this??
    Thanks for the LOLs.....

  2. Great advice,HEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHE.
    Moskeeto Jack

  3. I hope your funk is over soon! You deserve nothing but good times.