Friday, January 7, 2011


My Dear Friend:

I know that this New Year has brought you a whole host of emotional upheaval. Let me express my gratitude that this barrage hasn't been easy for you! Not to say I wish you harm or ill- quite the opposite. I wish you a great deal of happiness- a flock of bluebirds.

I do not, however, want you to take your joy for granted. I want you to work for it. I want to earn it. I want you to want it.

Yes I see you everyday walking through life with shoulders slumped and confidence pin-cushioned into silence. I know that doing something new, something different, something that you really want to do has you paralyzed. Fear keeps you concealed tightly in your little glass jar. Freedom is hazardous! Better to be safe than sorry! I hear those warnings too.

This year I am going to tell them to bugger off.

I don't know about you, but I have spent far too much of my time worrying about other people's happiness and too little time on cultivating my own. So much so that I have forgotten what really makes me happy.

You wouldn't think such a little thing like happiness could be so elusive would you? Yet that bluebird is a clever little thing. They don't call it a pursuit for nothing. But you can still catch it as so many people already have. You don't have to sift through shadows anymore. 

How? You ask. Easy. Find out where Happiness lives and then go knock on it's door. When it answers drag it away with you kicking and screaming. 

That's how it works for me at least. 

Drag that stubborn fowl if you have to. That is my wish for you this year- that you be happy by whatever means necessary.

With Love & Affection, 



    Moskeeto Jack

  2. We will pursue it with a vengeance! <3 :)