Monday, January 3, 2011

Being Resolute, Take Two?

Last year I quoted the numbers. "Of the 100,000,000 Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, four out of five do not follow through. That means by the time we’re toasting 2011, 80,000,000 Americans will have failed." I vowed not to be one of the millions, but here I am with champagne still in the fridge and broken resolutions on my calendar. I always want to fulfill them, but without the TARDIS, it ain't gonna happen. So I pick up the pieces, and I move forward into another year, and I make my list again, because that is what we do. We look forward. Despite all the set backs and failures, we look forward and try again. So here is to another try, another toast, another race against the odds. Best wishes for 2011. 

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