Monday, April 19, 2010


I just found out it is National TV Turn-off Week, which is ironic since the husband and I, people notorious for not watching television, bought a device that allows us to watch webcasts on the old boob tube and immediately surfed to Jon Stewart. That’s me, always going opposite the trends.

I bring this up because the week reminds us to choose how we’ll spend our precious time. How will we make and/or receive magic?

If you’re considering National TV Turn-off Week and want a few good reads, these sites and blogs have great suggestions:

The Book Studio

The Book Lady’s Blog

Lena’s Lit Life A great author blog. LOVE her.

Slushbusters They have author interviews, too.

Fountain Bookstore Folks near Richmond, why not take that tv watching time and go to a literary event?

James River Writers author interviews

Indie Bound

Not interested in being a bookworm this week?

DIY with Young House Love

Knock Off Wood

Soccer By Ives

Will you hide the remote this week?


  1. I didn't even know about the unplugging till I read your post!

    I'm afraid I won't be unplugging completely, but I am trying to watch deliberately. It's so easy to turn the TV on and have it in the background. I get so much more done if I just turn it on when there's a show I want to watch.

    (And thanks for the Slushbusters shout-out, Kristi!)

  2. My TV is still in it's box in the closet.
    Of course that doesn't mean that I won't be getting my weekly dose of Dr. Hodgins-- they never said anything about computers being unplugged!
    *schemey-schemey me*

  3. Sarah, I like the idea of watching deliberately. I need to take that idea and apply it to television, blogs, magazine reading, etc. Thank YOU for providing awesome, link-worthy content. What shows do you like to watch?

    Lucy, you can bend the rules for those blue eyes. That is what I call deliberate watching. Tell me, is this season any good? I'm dieing to see it (no pun intended).