Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shall We Dance?

I’ve been thinking about romance lately, as some do in Spring when flowers are blooming and the weather is warming. And no, it is not that I’m pining, but it is just an interesting topic. The genre of romance emerged, according to some, in the late Medieval period with chivalry and all that jazz. It later revived as an answer to the Industrial Revolution and the Romance era was born. Byron and his lot exemplified the Romance era lifestyle of sitting around large villas in a consumptive stupor and telling idyllic versions of the past.

Now, despite my penchant for movies involving gun fights and arterial spray, I’m a big romantic softy at heart (minus the consumption). There are many things in life that I will see and think, “How romantic!” Candle lit tables, a night time cityscape sparkling on a water front, anything French, an old couple holding hands, etc. and so on and so forth.

However, for me, the most romantic thing on earth is a waltz. To quote my mother, “I've never met a waltz I didn’t like.” I can’t explain the appeal that the waltz holds for me, but whenever I hear that ¾ beat I slip off into a soft focus daze of Old Europe, poofy dresses, and masquerade balls. I even like those creepy “circus” waltzes. You know the ones; on the surface they sound pleasant, but then you notice the chords are not quite right and the whole thing seems off kilter and sinister.

There aren’t many musical styles that are quite as versatile as the waltz. A waltz can be happy and dreamy, or sad and mournful. Waltzes were heard in grand cities and in rural villages, in palaces and in town halls. Waltzes are beautiful, creepy, folksy, elegant, and everything in between. No matter what kind of waltz it is, it embodies the spirit of romance and romanticism. A waltz will always transport you to some other place, some other time. Let’s face it folks. Waltzes are magical.

Hopefully, Blogger will cooperate with me now, and I can put up my favorite waltzes. Let's see:

This isn't all of them, of course, but it will do. I hope you enjoy these and I hope that there is something out there that means as much to you as a waltz does to me.

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  1. Oh this brings back such fond memories of you teaching me to waltz out in your front yard! I think it was to the Beatles' "Baby's in Black". (Kinda fuzzy on the title.) But you blared it in your red Jeep with all the doors open and the back flipped up, (I think we were trying to be ghetto in our waltzing...) And you taught me how to waltz...It was grand! :D