Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello, my lovelies! I trust you all had a pleasant Easter holiday? I know I did; what could be nicer than a calm spring day, with lively people, fun conversations, and way too much delicious food.

This year, the Easter weekend was doubly nice, for my mother’s birthday was the day before. We spent the day watching fish and frogs at the pond, eating good food, and watching Dr. Who.

Well, you may be thinking, that’s all well and good, but what’s my point? Please bear with me, reader, for I am about to become a little bit maudlin. Thinking about my mother’s birthday reminded me that all the things I find magical in this world are that way because of her.

I would never have found music to be so moving had she not taught me to listen and appreciate it. I would not have been squirreling rocks away in the nooks of trees, hoping for dragons to hatch, had she not encouraged me to let my imagination run rampant. Let’s face it, folks, I wouldn’t be me if not for her. Thanks Mom, you freak.

Who, in your life, inspired you to see the magic in everything? Have you thanked them lately?

Look! Dragon eggs!


  1. Your Mom is 10 Kinds of Awesome!

    Come to think of it, so is my mum. Dang, we've got it good, don't we? :D

  2. Ditto. My mom chased rainbows in the minivan and woke me up early when she noticed the first lilac blooming. Dad taught me the magic of facing a challenge and of green, growing things.

    Clara, your mom is a huge inspiration, even for the rest of us. As a kid, going to your house always felt like stepping into a wonderland.