Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Childhood Caling....wait....

Sound familiar? It should. I’ve used it before. And there is a very good reason for my using it again.

I’m punking out.

No grandiose excuses, no spine tingling adventures by way of apology; I’m simply all out of anything even remotely resembling wit, talent, or cleverness. Or brain function.

However, I feel confident that after a very restful three and a half day weekend coming up I will once again regain my gusto and produce something worth reading. I swear it and you may believe me for I do weep when I vow (although that could be because I just ran over my own foot with my roll-y chair.)

Ok, so on to the “punking out” bit. I was watching “The Dark Crystal” the other day. It has been years since I had last seen it and you know what? It was just as awesome this time around as it was when I was a kid. So that started me thinking about all the other movies or shows I would watch with my family. The 80s era fantasies went a long way to shape hope how I perceive magic.

What did you watch when you were young that sent the synapses sparking with the hope that there really were magic crystals and castles beyond the horizon? I really want to know. I’m rediscovering my childhood movie magic and want to see if I missed any good ones.

Next on the list, my two favorites: Legend and Labyrinth (although I am still terrified by David Bowie’s codpiece).

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