Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog or Flog

Blog or Flog. Those words came from the lovely Lucy during the first Fantastic Spatula tea party (dare I hope it won’t be the last.), and they made me think of the various forms of encouragement doled out since December. 

Sometimes the wisdom comes from your comments.  From Shannon I get “Dare to Suck,” and Leila said to “write without fear!”

Sometimes, as in the case with Lucy, it’s a lovingly issued ultimatum to get my butt in gear. Yesterday a friend informed me I had to post every Monday.  No excuses.

Other times it’s through the content posted by people who’ve visited Fantastic Spatula.  R’s business venture inspired me to take risks for what I want.  Her blog is a continual source of entertainment and well-timed quotes, like the one from Arthur Polotnik. I hold my head higher when I think of Josh Hanagarne’s instruction to walk as if wearing a cape.  Go ahead.  Try it.  Imagine the cape sweeping back, the wind in your hair, the rush of limitless potential as you become your own superhero. 

So thank you—each of you—for making Fantastic Spatula a magical experience for me. I hope you can find encouragement here, too. 


  1. Walk as if wearing a cape. I love it!!

  2. Aww, and thank you for directing me over here to Fantastic Spatula in the first place! I think the inspiration is mutual :)


  3. Sarah,
    Glad you found it as delightful as I did. Be sure to do that while at Chautauqua.

    That is really good to hear. The quote you posted Monday makes me think of what Lucy started with Fantastic Spatula, and y'all have made it better than I was ever expecting.

  4. Sometimes you have to flog in order to get the flow going. :) That being said, being consistent in blogging and writing just makes you better at your craft.

    Finding like minded people makes the journey joyous and enlightened.

  5. Leila, You are so right! And the encouragement, threats, ultimatums, and cheerleading make it easier to show up every day. Of course, your last line is much more eloquent. Thanks again.