Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where in the World is Fantastic Spatula?

“I’d want to live in a house made of dirt so I’d never have to clean it.” 
-Scott Frash.

Scott Frash is my cousin. My dad’s oldest sister’s first son. I saw him last week, along with my other cousins and aunts and uncles, when I went to Boston, MA for my cousin Margaret’s wedding. Never before had I spent so much time in a big city like Boston. I grew up in a small town on the ocean, went to school in a city in training, visited mountainous towns, spent a summer working in a Caribbean town, and took school trips to towns in Europe. But riding around the Boston Metro and train line, walking around the city and spending time with my family that is usually scattered to the four corners of the world, I got to thinking about places I’d like to live.

I then happened to be looking at a random blog and saw pictures of the inside of a house you’d see in the magazine “Simple” – clean lines, simple details, beautiful placement, white everything (white tiles, white bed sheets, white walls). While the house was very aesthetically pleasing to me I said I’d never want to live in a house that was all white because I’d get everything messy – messy with paint, with dirt, with cooking, with living – and it seems like it would be hard to clean and keep clean. That’s when my cousin said he’d want to live in a house made of dirt so he wouldn’t have to clean it – and thus this post was born.

Also this past week my sister and her boyfriend were talking with two of my aunts about where they would want to live and what type of house they’d want to live in some day. They finally agreed that they would want to live in a house that was part my aunt’s house in Newburyport, MA (which is a train ride to Boston, MA), part my parent’s house in Morehead City, NC (which is on a river), part my brother’s house (which is a tree house in St. Thomas, USVI) and was located in the mountains, driving distance from the big city, and a hop away from the beach.


So, Spatulans, I ask you this – Where would you want to live if you could live any where? Do you live there now? Would it be in the bustling city, a laid back beach town, the county, the mountains, in the United States or Canada or Europe or China?

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  1. Oo! Good question!
    I'm very fond of where I am living now. It's my hometown so sometimes that can be a bit dull. But everything here is usually laid back and easy going. Much like myself. ;)
    But I've also been thinking about where I'd go if I ever moved away. Charleston, South Carolina is one of them because that's where I was born and it's also a very nice town.
    I also really, REALLY, want to go to Portland, Oregon. I don't know what it is, but that seems like a good Lucy-Town. Of course Missoula has it's fair share of attractions! :D