Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nowhere Man

Well folks it's finally time to see a glimpse of what happens when you step through a door to Nowhere. :) 

I wasted no time contacting Pendragon. He's one stubborn old goat, and only after I reminded him he owed me a favor did he concede to checking in on Arthur and the business with the Ministry.

Now with that done and Gwen sleeping soundly I could concentrate on the next pesky issue. There was only one person who could help in a time like this: Edith Piaf. That's the only way to get a giant Panda upset with you. Coincidentally it was the only way to bring Seamus back through the door. I knew Grant, the aforementioned panda, would be meeting the other Totems at Magda's. No doubt the Garden Summit would soon be under way.

I had only briefly met Grant one other time under less than optimal conditions and was in no way wanting to see him again. I knew I had no choice, the situation being what it was. I couldn't count on Seamus to find his way out, and my wife wouldn't be able to bring him until after the Summit was over.

As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. And Edith Piaf was definitely a desperate measure.

I took the record from it's home on the bookcase in the hallway, dusted it off as best I could, and set it up on the player. All the while making sure it'd be cranked up good and loud.

Sure enough, five minutes had yet to pass when there was a frenzied knocking at the door. I opened it and there was one pretty peeved panda standing on the other side. Grant was no small fritter, his fluffy frame filled the doorway in all directions.

"Turn that cursed siren down, Merle! You know that brings back bad memories for me from the war." He growled low enough to be taken seriously. I grinned at him and turned off the record.
"Thank god, I couldn't stand that screeching. Now, I believe this belongs to you."
One big, black paw stretched out in front of him. Dangling from it was one scared, wide-eyed kid.
"Oh, Seamus? Yeah, he's mine. Got a little lost, forgot to warn him about the door." I motioned for Seamus to step back through. He was partly prodded by Grant.
"Not a problem. I think all things considering he rather enjoyed himself." The bear's expressed formed something akin to a smirk. Then, turning on his heels he saluted us and sauntered off.

"Oh," he hollered back "Magda says thank you for the flowers!"

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  1. Ahh caught, but a least he met Magda!
    An got caught by a giant Panda no less.
    Gonna get interesting.
    Moskeeto Jack