Sunday, July 31, 2011


So, I wasn't able to go to a movie by myself this weekend... not because I was scared, you shush your mouth, it was because I had no money. Even though I'm juggling three jobs, rent and things (like toilet paper and food... for the cat) just add up. And I forgot to budget in a movie this month. So... I'm postponing this HTDA post until I have money to go to a movie or until the library has another free movie (But I think the free movie at the library is a cop out for the HTDA post).

I am, however, posting a question to which I'd like to get some feedback. I've been writing a lot (as well as reading...) and have some stories I'd like to share with the Spatula, but I'm not sure how I feel about posting stories on the internet.

Based on your experience, how do you feel about posting original, unpublished stories online? Do you feel like someone will steal your idea and then make a million bucks for stealing your idea? Do you like posting your fiction online? Do you even post stories on to the internet? Are these feelings the same if you post art/photos/drawings?

I just wanted some feed back. Thanks, Spatulans. 


  1. Hm.
    I actually have a ton of things I could say about this so I'm going to try and condense it.

    I, personally, for me, in my opinion- have no trouble posting my fiction online for people to read. I post the "shitty first drafts", (although I do a quick check for spelling/punctuation). Most people aren't going to want to steal someone else's work. Mainly because there are ways to go about proving that whomever they stole from wrote it first. Still, not wanting torisk getting into legalities is something to consider.

    I've heard mixed things about publishing work online. Some people think that you won't be taken seriously as a writer if you publish any work at all that you might want to consider having turned into a book someday. Other people say that they never would have gotten their book deal in the first place if they hadn't made their presence known through their blog/website.

    The way I see it, it's a personal choice. Either way, things work out. :)

  2. yeah. I've always thought it was a personal choice. Hmmm hmmm hmmm...

    Hey. Thanks, Lucy :)