Friday, July 15, 2011

HTDA: Car Show (in photos) And You Choose The Next HTDA

OK Fantastic Spatulans, for my make-up post, I'm sharing pictures of my "free to the public event" alone outing. I chose something that was of interest (shiny old cars), chose something that was free (car show), took my camera, ambled about an hour, ran into strangers, took photos of sweet colors, listened to conversations, and managed to not pee my pants from the overwhelming sensation of being surrounded by hot, sweaty, shit-talking, car-loving people, which, by the way, can be (besides exhilarating) really, really intimidating when you have no fraking idea what anyone is saying and you can't point out the carburetor on any given car (Frankly, I'm not as savvy in the car lingo as I probably should be. That said, I can change [and have changed] a flat, the oil and other fluids, the brake pads, the alternator).

But before we get to the pics... I want you to get involved in the HTDA stuff. I want you, Fantastic Spatula Readers, to choose the next thing I do alone. You heard. The next HTDA will be determined by you, dear readers. You choose from a set list of things I'm intimidated to do alone, I'll do it, I'll take pictures, and do a write up and prove that it can be done alone. So, your choices are:

A. Go To A Movie
B. Go See A Band Play
C. Go To A Dance Club

All you have to do to vote is write "A", "B", or "C" in a comment to this post. The outing with the most votes by next Friday (July, 22) is the one that I'll do and post about the following week. Choose wisely, Spatulans, my alone existence depends on you... 

And now... on to the show... of cars... alone...


  1. Ooh! What a lovely idea!
    I'd say go to a movie alone. It sounds really sad, but I've done it before and at first it's awkward to not have someone beside you to point at stuff and laugh with. But then the movie starts and you forget you're alone. Plus, if you're lucky there will be a sweet old bitty to talk to. :)
    Also- you? You take the best pictures! <3

  2. Gorgeous photos! And I also vote for going to a movie.

  3. Movie is #2 go hear a band. Went to a place in nashville had a blast and the music was great.
    I agree the photos are gooood.
    Moskeeto Jack

  4. I also say go to a movie. Of the three, that is the least intimidating and the one I'd be most likely to do myself.

    Also, caaaaaaars! Waaaaant!

  5. Christal WeatherlyJuly 19, 2011 at 12:23 PM

    beautiful photos. :) I bet the car show was exciting. As far as your next HTDA, I'm torn between A and B. I'm leaning towards B, only because I've been wanting to challenge myself to do that alone. Actually, I'd probably say A, because that's less intimidating and a good place to start. I've done it once and it wasn't so bad. I went to a movie during the day, because for some reason, in my head, it meant I was less of a loser than if I went at night all alone, hahaha.

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