Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chagrin d'amour Douce

Or, "François steals the spotlight. Again."

What can I say? François is very needy, apparently, and he thinks I haven't been paying enough attention to him. Give him an inch and he thinks he's a ruler.

Gee whiz... and here I was thinking that just because I'm the author that I was in control. I've got to stop letting my characters walk all over me. Oh well, have a look at François' thoughts on the goblin behind the cut. More gobliny goodness next week!

François eyed the little goblin with something like contempt with a bit of suspicion mixed in. How could they trust it? So, the little thing could speak somewhat intelligibly. That didn’t mean it was trustworthy.

Of course, François knew his unease wasn’t worry for the safety of the team. For the second time that day he felt the coldness of jealousy sink down in his chest. He stood against the wall of the storage shed and watched as the others tried to makes sense of what the goblin was saying.

It clung to Amanda like a frightened child and she beamed at it, reassuring it with her sweet smiles. François turned his head and only half listened to the conversation. He began to wonder if leaving his swamp was worth all the turbulent emotions he’d recently rediscovered. He’d been without them for so long, hadn’t needed them for so long, that he wasn’t sure if he could handle the stress of them all.

He turned back to see how the argument was proceeding and met Amanda’s eyes. She winked at him and then returned to the conversation.

“Bon Dieu, completely worth it.”


  1. Aw, Francois is so sweet! You know, for someone that can raise the dead that is.

  2. Raise the dead,
    fall in love.
    Bon Appetite!!
    Moskeeto Jack