Thursday, July 7, 2011

Plans for Pendragon

Going to try and keep this as short as possible since last week's was so long. That and I'm not actually sure what Merle has up his sleeve. :)

I couldn't do much at the moment to bring Seamus back from the other side of the doorway so I had to settle for trying to calm Gwen down a notch or five.

I made my way back to the bedroom where I told Gwen she could camp out. Somewhere between sobs I heard her croak "Come in". I stood in front of her and tried to figure out what in the blue blazes was going on.

She had taken time to brush her hair out and make herself look as presentable as possible under the circumstances. For the first time in a long time I felt truly sorry for her.

I took a seat beside her on the bed. I had forgotten how tiny she was; it was easy to forget because her mere presence could fill a banquet hall. Tonight, however, she was frail with worry. I thought it best to let her collect herself before trying to piece together the rest of what happened.

"Merle?" She squeaked, sounding like a mouse.
"Right here, honey bunches. Wanna tell me the whole story now?" She just sighed and tried to steady her voice.
"I think I know what happened. Why they took Arthur, I mean. I'm not entirely sure, but it would only make sense."
"What would make sense? What'd Arthur do now?" I half smiled at her, we both knew how fool-headed Arthur can be. Especially when he didn't get his way.
"I'm afraid he took the cup from the vault at the Ministry. To get back at me. There was rumor it had been stolen and they were interrogating anyone who'd know how to get it." She turned to look at me full on as if she could read my face for an answer.
"I'm afraid I don't know if he did take it or not, darlin'. I can tell you he's been off in his head a lot lately. I thought it was just trouble between you two, to be honest." That just made her cry more. I don't care how old I am, I'll never get used to seeing a girl cry.
"Alright, alright, calm down now. It's not the end of the world- not yet anyway. I can't go barging in there demanding answers and neither can you. So what I'm going to do is call up ol' Pendragon, tell him to get his sorry hide down there and see what he can do. He can take Eric if he needs to. Those two together ought to scare the ugly off an ape. Meanwhile..." She had stopped sniffling and sobbing long enough to actually absorb what I was saying.
"Meanwhile, you and I are going to have a nice, home-cooked dinner. And under no circumstances are you allowed to visit your little lover boy. Things are already messed up, no need to make it worse than it is. Comprende, princess?"
She sniffed one last time and nodded.
"Good. Now go wash up while I get some grub ready. You look like hell." Thankfully that made her giggle and she ran off to the washroom.

I made my way back to the kitchen and poured a little bit of whisky in my tea. I had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

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  1. Whisky in my tea!
    I'm suddenly thirsty,heheheheh.
    that did sound like a good idea.
    Moskeeto Jack