Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toes in the Street

Short post is short, and also early. There are chicken and dumplings waiting for me at my mom's and nothing is keeping me from them.

Also, how'd you guys like my creature reveal? Haha, who was expecting something terrible and monstrous? Nope, sorry. You get goblins!

Amanda wasn’t sure what she should do.

There had been reported cases of unbound goblins and similar creatures roaming in packs and causing vandalism and injury. She’d even seen footage of what one lone goblin can do. They were vicious creatures when they remained unbound and unemployed.

Most goblins were around two foot tall and nearly as wide with short thick legs and long, strong arms. Some of the domestic goblins, like brownies, were a little slimmer and less likely to brain their chosen families, but still incredibly temperamental.

But this goblin was something entirely different. He (Amanda assumed it was a he) was barely a foot tall and thin as a rail. He had dark, lucid eyes that were nearly too large for his head, which gave the impression of his being on the verge of tears.

Amanda continued to stare at the pitiful looking creature. All of the training she had received in the last two years was telling her to shoot the goblin with the tranquilizer dart. She raised the gun without thinking.

The goblin let out a high pitched yelp and shrank back into the shadows quivering. The faint light from Amanda’s flashlight flickered in the large eyes.

“Ok.” Amanda lowered the gun and placed it on the ground. “It’s alright. I’m not going to hurt you.” She held her empty hands in front of her. The goblin peered around at her and slowly stepped out into the open. He had his tiny fists clenched in the folds of a ratty patchwork jacket and wrung them nervously.

“You aren’t the one causing all the trouble, are you?” Amanda asked in a soft tone, hoping the goblin understood her. She was taking a huge risk; some goblins relied on tricks when they weren’t physically intimidating. But there was something about this goblin’s eyes that lacked any sign of malice. They were the kind of eyes one sees in dogs, particularly abused dogs. They were full of uncertainty and need, but also a willingness to trust.

Amanda’s will power was quickly waning. Off in the distance she could hear François shouting obscenities at his goblins. There was no doubt in Amanda’s mind that he was enjoying every second of it. She couldn’t help but smile at the image of him swinging his cudgel madly and cursing in French.

The goblin studied Amanda for a moment and then sat down beside her leg. Much to Amanda’s surprise the goblin smiled up at her, his round face bunching up around his eyes. Amanda’s resolve broke in that instant. She beamed down at the little goblin like a proud new parent.

“Oh, Charlotte’s not going to like this.”


  1. I can imagine the stink eye Charlotte is going to give poor Amanda! "Madame Foxtrot is not amused."

    Also, Francois? So awesome.

    Hope you liked your mum's chicken and dumplings! *drools*

  2. Yeah them big ole puppy dog eyes will get you every time. Jeepers creepers where you get them eyes!
    Moskeeto Jack

  3. Jonathan said he can buy me a fantastic spatula from one of those cooking show.
    Enjoyed this. See you tomorrow.