Sunday, June 19, 2011

Making Magic: Daily

How do you keep track of your magic making? Do you even keep track? Do you have, say, a log of magic/mischief/projects? I don't. I do have several notebooks filled from spine to paper cut with ideas and makings and things I've written and doodled. I also have a day keeper with events and reminders of things I have to do, which I look at daily. But, how often do I return to those pages with my thoughts and scribblings and actually do something with all those ideas? I was thinking of making something sort of a Log or Day Planner for Crafting Things...  But do i really need another notebook... Ok, yes, I do.

I think, however, keeping track of magic making or writing or stories or projects is more than just writing things down in a notebook. It's a revisiting of ideas, a planning. Being organized... is not my strong suit. Granted I like cleaning things and having a place for those things I've cleaned. But how do you clean your ideas and where do you put them after they have been cleaned? I've decided (again) to go through "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. I got the book a long time ago but only made it through the first week before I got distracted or something else happened... like laziness or scaredycatness (yes, this is a word... maybe...) or the perfectionist syndrome kicked in.

So, Spatulans... how do you keep track of your progress of growing as an artist/writer/magic-maker? Do you write in a filofax or day planner? Do you have countless notebooks and journals? Do you have a giant calendar on your wall? Or do you have all of the above? Or do you have none of the above? Which ever way you roll (or hop or skip) where do you put your ideas and what do you do with them once they have been put?

p.s. I added to my previous HTDA post... just in case you were wondering what to do after you have some bottle caps.


  1. This is going to sound odd to say, but I don't ever think I've ever had a way to keep track of my daily magic. Isn't that weird? I'm never accused of being particularly organized, but this makes sense.

    Yes- I think that will be my creative challenge for the week! To make a Magic Book...and actually use it. ;)

  2. Index many index cards...

    It is the only way I can keep track of where my brain wanders when I'm not minding it.
    Then they just sit in a pile on my desk until I need one of them. Not a good system, but it woks for me.