Saturday, June 25, 2011

How To Do Alone: Story Time!

S.Kemp in The Reading. Now showing at your local Library

Call it a hunch, but I’m going to say that all of you Fantastic Spatulans out there are readers. That being said, this HTDA is going to be pretty easy. We (you) are venturing out into the world of the public and we’re (you’re) going to the closest library. Going to the library may be standard fare for those spatulas who like to read but don’t like to put down the money for a new book every time you finish another. Then again, going to the library alone may not be standard for you. When was the last time you went to the public library by yourself? The Missoula Public Library is pretty fantastic. When I first moved to Missoula the library was like a second home. I used the free Wi-Fi and applied to jobs online, printed resumes from the computers named "Speedy" and "Zippy" and borrowed a lot of books, movies, and music. I went to the library for Mystery Story Night, Scrabble Monday, movie nights and other free events (which we will eventually get to doing alone). A library can be a good place to start doing things alone out in the world. Don’t worry we’ll get to bigger and noisier things soon enough.

What you need:
Just look at all those delicious books
  If you don’t have a library card, today is the day you’re going to get one. If you do have one, bring that sucka’.
♥ You can bring your laptop if you have one or a notebook and writing utensil if you want. Neither are strictly necessary but it’s nice to jot down the goings on at the library or maybe you don't have internet and would like to check your email... or post to Fantastic Spatula...
♥ You might need 90 cents to pay late fees accrued for the book Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald… just saying… it might happen.
♥ If you don’t know what book to check out you could ask a friend what they would recommend. You don’t have to have a book in mind but sometimes it’s a nice starting point.

What to do:
If you don’t have a library card you’re going to want to find the Resource Librarian or go to the Services Desk. You’ll be asked a few things like, "Where do you live," and "What’s your e-mail address". Don't freak out. This is so the Librarians can e-mail you when a book you’ve reserved comes in or a movie you put on hold is available... or to let you know that book is due tomorrow. They will need your address to send you a confirmation card, which you then bring back to the library as proof that you actually live where you say you live. Those Librarians are pretty smart bookies (See what I did there? Instead of smart cookies they are smart bookies? Cause’ they’re librarians and work with books! See!) Anyway, whatever they ask of you it's normal procedure. Nothing bad is going to go down here. Just breathe and let it happen. I bet you’ve never heard a horror story about someone’s first library card. No. You haven’t. And look! There you go you got it. (Side Note: You’re Librarian may give you a “starter” card to use until you bring in that confirmation postcard that we talked about earlier. You might only be able to check out a limited amount of things until you get your “big girl” card.)

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
So now that you have your card, go play. Seriously, the library is some serious fun. Seriously. You can make little jokes with the titles of books, take pictures of things, find a book of short stories by H.G. Wells you never knew existed, geek-out over the first book to the Dragonriders of Pern series. There are cookbooks and biographies about amazing people you never knew existed, comic books, children’s books, young adult books (that have NOTHING to do with sparkling vampires), movies, music, art by local high schoolers, readings, writings, and Battlestar Galactica.

What I did:
I went a little crazy in the opera/symphony CD section (The Planets, The Firebird Suite, Don Juan, Opera A-Z, Etc. Etc.) I checked out two books – Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey, which a friend recommended I read, and The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers, which I've spied a few times in the bookstore next to my apartment. I perused some awesome table books about Dinosaurs, Astronomy (not to be confused with astrology, please), and The Making of Star Wars. I also learned the library is having a Harrypaloza in honor of the last Harry Potter film which comes out this July. This Saturday the library showed Harry Potter #6. Sunday the library will be showing Harry Potter #7 part 1 and on Tuesday the library will be host to the band Harry and the Potters. That’s right. I’ll be there. Thank you, Missoula Public Library, thank you.         

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  1. This is fantastic because I went out and got my own library card just the other week! (!!!) Well, I renewed it-long story- but yes! I did and am now feeding my Neil Gaimen kick and furthering my cinematic education. :D