Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've been putting a lot of research into this, probably more than I should. I tend to do that; I come up with elaborate details and then have to end up cutting them for the sake of clarity. So, you can thank me for not overwhelming you with all the stuff about Atlantis from Plato's works or all the historical jargon I could throw around. You're welcome.

“So, these people think they’ve found Atlantis?” Amanda asked over the roar of the truck’s engine.

“They think that, yes. There are a few similarities, but all evidence would suggest that this is just another Bronze Age city.” Charlotte kept her eyes on the road ahead, her voice was flat.

“You say that like it is nothing special. But a Bronze Age city would be a remarkable find considering most sites have been built over through the centuries; the things we can learn from this are invaluable.”

“Invaluable to the rest of the world, yes, but we are not concerned with that. We have been called in to investigate some strange activity.”

“How do you even find out about these things?” Amanda had been curious about this. “Is there some global database for odd occurrences at archaeological sites?”


“Oh. Ok.”

“Not just ancient sites.” François piped up from his recumbent position on the back seat. Amanda had convinced him to do away with the pith helmet and heavy bush jacket as he had nearly fainted before leaving the port of Cádiz. “There are some modern places that have been infested. Governments usually cover such instances up with some ecological excuse.”

“So, are we government workers?”

“Private contractors.”

Amanda’s next question was cut off as the truck turned onto the dirt road that led into the Doñana National Park. Amanda nearly squeaked with delight at the sight of the park sign.

“Doñana? Then they’re uncovering Tartessos.” Amanda was practically buzzing with excitement. “This is unbelievable. Charlotte, this is amazing. This is…” Amanda gasped loud enough to be heard over the engine and road noise. “Charlotte this could be very bad.”

“How bad?” François was suddenly interested, and Amanda was sure it wasn’t out of concern for safety. Despite his laid back demeanor, François loved a fight.

“Tartessos was a trade city; they traded with everyone from all over the Mediterranean. Never mind the indigenous cryptids, imagine what merchant ships could have brought over here. There could be anything buried out there.”

Charlotte was silent as they pulled up to the excavation site. She stopped the engine and put her hand on the door handle. “I want you both to keep your weapons with you at all times, no exceptions. Be ready for anything.”


  1. oOOOoo, I wonder what they'll find! The Hounds of Hell? Another Vampire? A sparkling Banana Marsupial? :D

    And thank goodness Francois took off the helmet. That's just silly.

  2. Yeah, cowboy hats are a better choice.
    Dusters for bad weather,and shotguns for comfort.
    Moskeeto Jack