Friday, June 3, 2011


Day late. Dollar short. Sounds like my kind of week- here's More Merle, as requested. ;)

Chapter: The Mysterious Magda

I didn't have to look at Arthur to see the look of disgust on his face. I saw it plainly in the reflection of the train car window. He liked taking the tube about as much as I like meeting in places of ill repute. He wasn't too thrilled when I mentioned Magda.
"How are you going to get this new protege of yours to show up on your doorstep anyhow?" I watched as our mirrored images carried on the debate without us.
"Easy. You say that he lives in the converted parish, right? The one on Huckle Street?"
"Yeah, yeah. That's the one, sceevy little place. Gives me the heebs." He scratched at an invisible bug on his chin.
"Well, that's right next to me and Magda's old place. I'll be there in plain view when he's on his way home today."
"Oh god. You and Magda again. Seriously, Merle how'd you ever fancy a girl as strange and weird as that one? She's a little off the charts in the batty department." I glared, his wife wasn't much of a catch either.
"Magda might not be a little 'off the charts', but she's never once cheated on me or left me high and dry. When was the last time Gwen was home?"
"Alright, alright. I see your point." He sighed and went back to his silent brooding for a moment.
"Just one question though." Oh god, I knew the silence was too good to last.
"How, considering the time constraints, did you and Magda manage to build a house together?" Chuckling wasn't the response he was hoping for.
"Boy, there are some things about this universe that you'll never learn. And that secret is one of them."