Sunday, October 3, 2010

("sundae sunday" is going to highlight what really made me happy the past week.)

* first day of house keeping. free breakfast. waffles with peanut butter and syrup. * talking with neighbors about marvelous missoula. * dressing up like a fairy in a white Einstein wig with a tri-cornerd hat and having my picture taken not only by my fabulous neighbor, kare, but also by a budding photojournalism student who had the assignment "take a photograph of 25 strangers." * a sundae with pumpkin ice cream (see above photograph). * taking a trip to idaho with the lovely erin and her new beau to weir hot springs and soaking in the rocky pool of naturally heated water. eating snacks of yogurt covered raisins and drinking boxed wine like a pro. * meeting the russian mobsters. * the colors turning colors in the trees. * yellow leaves everywhere. on the ground. in my apartment. all over my shirt. * a spice girls dance party in the park. * old mailboxes falling off their hinges in old apartment buildings. * making a tiny elephant necklace (he's for sale for $10 if anyone would like to give him a loving home). *

* the saturday morning fresh market. fresh beets, potatoes, zucchini, and tart, purple plums. * a bunch of wild flowers the color of setting sun, blushing cheeks, and those tart purple plums. * having a halloween dress-up party at work with anna, sam, carmine. pretending we are dracula, go-go dancers, geishas, and the many faces of madonna. * disco dancing as darth vader. oh yes. * a delicious walk in the park. dappled light. and her silhouette drowning in golden. * camping girl. * the strings that play at all souls. * a clothing exchange with anna and carmine and other new friends i have yet to remember names for. * man land. * kelly's birthday party at, where else, an irish pub. and sharing malt vinegar fries with rebekah (and, jinx, i owe her a root beer). * making a card with flowers and dress scraps. * first friday art walk up and down the street. art. art. art. free wine and cheese and crackers and dip and music. music. music. * crushing on saturday morning. hot coffee. cinnamon twist. a notebook. a new story. little bugs floating around in the morning air like dust particles (as light and as spastic). *

what made you smile this week? share your own sundae sunday list in the comment box. and, now, i'm going to leave you with this...

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  1. I am quite envious of you! Even though I was only there a few short days, Missoula really seems like a magical place. Not to mention a perfect fit for you! (And vice versa!)

    I'm also glad that you have taken up to doing this weekly love list. It makes me happy to see you happy!

    With that! I'll share mine:

    *Autumn. Autumn. Autumn! *See also: October. *Clara moving in to my apartment building in a few weeks. *Sweater Weather. *Hearing Queen on the radio first thing on my way to work. *Mountain Dew Slushie runs with Dad. *Making boys giggle. *Seeing pictures of my friends when they were young. *Daydreaming. *Bright colored, Easter Egg Inspired outfits. *Turquoise boots! *Cooking dinner for my mom for a change. *And hearing her say she really enjoyed it. *Finishing the re-reading of a really good book. (Or three!) *Knowing that even when I'm feeling all down and frown there are awesome uber cheesecake and sparkler people in my life that make it so much better!