Thursday, October 7, 2010

100 Word Challenge: Autumn

 October saw fit to usher me into this dizzying sphere. A week until All Hallow's Eve: My first view of the world were smiling faces. An Eastern glow hovering above the Charleston river. A warm and breezy morning for the second born's arrival. It is my opinion that instead of wailing and flailing like other children I came about laughing and smiling. A pixie, if you will.

Octobers since have been filled with: apple cider; county fairs; mountain visits; bonfires; red velvet cakes; leaf raking & pile jumping; crunchy leaves underfoot; dress-up birthday parties, and oh plenty (plenty) of orange!


  1. Aye,an what a lovely pixie twas that which entered the world that day.
    Moskeeto Jack